Behind the Screen


Do you know what I am? I, and I say this with no pride but no dishonour either, am an angry, depressive, nihilistic man. I will take everything with thumbscrews at the ready. Is it worth my scorn? Yes? Then it’s worth my torture.

I am not someone to take things lightly. If I see something I hate, I will overreact. But what is an overreaction if not something fun for others to watch? And that’s what you’re here to do – watch. Read. Laugh. Enjoy. Enjoy it more than I enjoy the material myself, it hurts me to the core as a writer, some of it. The other stuff is more or less manageable.

So, you know me now. Any questions, ask me. Any requests, ask me. If you suggest something that might be worth my scowl, I’ll take you up on it.

Oh – and one last thing. You need to address me, call me L. S.